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January 4, 2006     E-mail this page to a friend!

The House Fly and Stable Fly Go Full Circle Unless the Life Cycle is Broken

PHOENIX (June 10, 2005) – Six urban mounted patrol units are scheduled to demonstrate the effectiveness of SimpliFly™ with LarvaStop™ fly growth regulator, the latest feed-thru fly control product by EquiCare®, in their uniquely urban settings throughout the 2005 fly season.
The Houston, Texas Mounted Patrol, a division of the Harris County Sheriff’s Department, was created in 1949. Today there are 40 horses and 48 members who volunteer their time to search for missing persons, escaped prisoners, and serve as riot, traffic and crowd control. Every horse carries the same rights and protections as a police officer. Typically, horses selected for the Mounted Patrol are Quarter Horses, chosen for their quick learning and gentle nature. The horses must be conditioned to wailing sirens, loud or sudden noises, strange people approaching them and many other unusual events.
The Nashville, Tenn. Metro Police Department Horse Mounted Patrol was formed in 1998 and presently has 8 Tennessee Walking Horses, which were donated by the Walking Horse industry. The unit’s primary duties are pedestrian traffic control for large events and demonstrations for schools and other groups.
The Lexington, Ky. Mounted Patrol unit began with four officers in 1982. It currently has eight officers and 10 horses, a mixture of Quarter horses, Thoroughbreds and a North American Racing Horse. Mounted officers specialize in two main areas of police work: crowd control and special events. The unit is most effective for crowd control because officers on horseback can easily spot problems and move crowds.
The Tampa, Fla. Mounted Patrol was first incorporated in 1891. In the early days, the horse’s (or mule’s) job was very different than that of today. It was mainly used for pulling the prisoner transport wagon. The unit has evolved to seven horses strong. It assists in all major events of the city with crowd control and perimeter patrol and conducts an average of 85-95 public education demonstrations annually for schools, civic groups, and career education groups.

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The Scottsdale, Ariz. Police Mounted Unit began in 1985 with two horses and two officers. Today the unit has eight horses, five full-time riders and five reserve riders. The officers and their mounts patrol city parks, neighborhoods, the downtown entertainment district, shopping malls, concerts and many large special events held in Scottsdale. They also play a vital role in search and rescue operations. The Scottsdale Police Mounted Unit has been recognized by its peers to be among the best in the United States. The unit hosts the largest mounted training school in the country.
In addition to donating product to these mounted patrol units, EquiCare will sponsor a series of “heroic horse and rider” stories to recognize each unit for its unique contribution to their community. The stories will be published on a national equine website, local media outlets, and the company’s website.
EquiCare is a top-selling, premium brand of equine fly control products. For more information about SimpliFly visit or call (800) 234-2269.