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Farnam Horse Products Breaks Into The Feed Business; Partners with Purina To Introduce Platform™

January 1, 2006     E-mail this page to a friend!

PHOENIX, Ariz. – (March 8, 2005) – After months of anticipation and murmurings in the market, Farnam Companies, Inc. is ready to reveal its big scoop: the long-time national horse products company has entered the feed business. Through an alliance with Land O’Lakes Purina Feed LLC, Farnam has created its own signature feed and supplement brand. Adhering to both companies’ strict standards of quality, the new Platform product line offers a revolutionary, premium selection of feeds and supplements for a comprehensive approach to equine nutrition. The launch takes Farnam to a new level in the horse industry.
“Our customers already associate Farnam with top-tier products in the equine supplement sector, so bringing our own signature feed to the market was a natural next step for us,” said Chris Jacobi, president of Farnam Horse Products. “We’ve conducted extensive research on what horses need and what owners expect on every level, and we’re confident that our innovative line of products answers those needs. We’re extremely excited to introduce the Platform brand to our customers.”
Bill Sadler, Ph.D., vice-president of marketing and business development for the Feed Solutions group at Land O’Lakes Purina Feed, said the partnership enhances Purina’s existing position in the marketplace.
“Farnam was seeking a manufacturing partner to design a feed that complements supplements. Purina was already working on this science when they proposed their concept to us, and a marriage was born,” he said. “The project brings two of the most recognized names in the horse industry together. We’re anticipating that this launch will significantly expand the feeding options available to horse owners.”

Each horse is unique and has different nutritional requirements that are not always met by conventional feeds. To close this gap, the Platform system was crafted to provide a line of complete feeds and supplements—allowing owners to customize according to their horses’ individual needs.
“Our Platform line was developed by top equine nutritionists and includes premium specialty feeds based on age and activity levels. Additionally and importantly, the Platform supplements address certain problems without duplicating the nutrients in the feed,” said Jamie Stewart, marketing manager for Farnam’s equine feed and nutritional supplements. “The system enables horse owners to build complete and balanced diets that optimize their horses’ nutrition.”
The Feeds
The premium feeds come in four distinct categories that cover all equine ages and lifestyles: Pleasure, Performance, Mare & Foal and Senior. All feeds are formulated with highly digestible and natural ingredients for maximum absorption. Fed with appropriate roughage, Platform Feed provides a solid nutritional base with all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary to keep a horse healthy. Every formula includes: flaxseed, beet pulp, distiller’s grains, stabilized rice bran, beta carotene, selenium yeast, chelated minerals and yeast supplement.
The Platform Pleasure Feed, designed for sedentary or lightly worked horses, includes 12 percent protein, 4 percent fat, 13.5 percent fiber and low starch for a safer feed. The Platform Performance Feed, designed for medium-to-hard working horses, contains 14 percent protein, 8 percent fat, 10 percent fiber, low starch for a calmer horse, and a high level of vitamin E. The Platform Senior Feed needs no forage, is safe (reduces risk for colic and founder), contains vitamins E and B-complex, and comes in a softer pellet that’s extremely digestible. It contains 14 percent protein, 6 percent fat, and 19 percent fiber. The Platform Mare & Foal Feed meets the high nutritional demands of pregnant and lactating mares as well as foals, with 16 percent protein, 8 percent fat, 10 percent fiber, and a high level of vitamin E.

The Supplements: Just The Right Balance
Many horses require additional supplements to meet specific dietary needs. However, most supplements on the market today contain extra vitamins and minerals that can lead to over-supplementing a horse when combined with fortified feed. The extended Platform Supplements are formulated to complement Platform Feed without duplicating ingredients to avoid over-supplementation. Horse owners can save money by not repeating nutrient inclusion. Each supplement is color-coded and mixes smoothly with pellets and grain.
The supplements include: Platform Joint Formula, with glucosamine, HCl, chondroitin sulfate, HA and MSM; Platform Hoof Formula, with biotin, methionine, and lysine; Platform Complete Electrolyte, with essential minerals, amino acids and vitamins; and Platform Weight Formula, which contains prilled fat for concentrated calories.
Platform Treats will also be offered as part of the brand’s product line.
The Platform system is easy to use and represents a groundbreaking concept in customized nutritional programs for horses that reflect their individuality.
“Farnam and Purina have synchronized their expertise to offer this high-quality system that provides a superior level of nutrition not found in any other horse feed,” said Platform Marketing Manager Stewart.
For more information about Farnam Horse Products, in the United States call toll free at (800) 234-2269 or direct at (602) 285-1660, or go to on the Internet. Founded in 1946, Farnam Companies, Inc., is a privately held company and a leader in the animal health products industry.

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