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Satellite Uplink Sends RMTC Racing to North American Outlets

May 22, 2007     E-mail this page to a friend!

By Garry Allison, The Horses, Rocky Mountain Turf Club

You can't miss it. Its almost as big as the seating area along the south area of the Rocky Mountain Turf Club grandstand.

The massive satellite uplink trunk was in place at the start of the RMTC 2007 horseracing season to send out the live signal from the Lethbridge track to centers across North America.

"The signal is available to anyone who wants it out there, says RMTC CEO Max Gibb. "We already have contracts in place with people who wish to take the signal. So far all of Quebec, Alberta, and a number of Montana race tracks are picking up and using our signal—I believe it is more than 15 places to date. The simulcast will carry the RMTC message and programs out to all the racing people in North America.

"We pay the cost of the satellites, the operation, and the lease. We've invested amount a quarter million dollars in total, covering everything, including out on-track operator. Whatever money is wagered we will get three per cent in return."

Gibb says one of the ideas behind the system, a duplicate of other systems from other tracks feeding their simulcast races into Lethbridge, is to get the message and the quality of RMTC racing out across North America.