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BLM Plans Wild Horse Auction in Helena on June 16

May 15, 2007     E-mail this page to a friend!

Helena, MT (AP)—The Bureau of Land Management plans to auction 30 to 40 wild horses and 10 wild burros at the Helena, Montana, fairgrounds on June 16.

The BLM auctions wild horses and burros captured on federal lands in the West. An estimated 32,000 wild horses live on rangeland that can only support about 28,000 animals.

Jared Bybee, a rangeland management specialist for the BLM, said the minimum bid is $125 per animal, and the price tag increases from there.

"It all depends on the market where the adoption is--some go for $125, some for $800," Bybee said.

Those hoping to adopt an animal should fill out an application ahead of time. They must have adequate facilities, which include 400 square feet of corral per animal, a 6-foot fence for horses and 5-foot for burros, with some type of wind and sun shelter.

Bybee said anyone can adopt an animal, but noted that they do have special needs.

"We would encourage people to find some way to get those horses gentled . . . because eventually they'll need some veterinary care," especially for teeth and hooves, he said.

After a year, the BLM conducts inspections to ensure the horses are being adequately cared for. Successful candidates will then be able to complete the adoptions.