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80,000 Dimes

April 6, 2007     E-mail this page to a friend!

Los Alamitos Race Course began to offer 10-cent Superfecta wagering last night to the delight of bettors.

The attraction of the 10-cent wager, according to pari-mutuel industry reports, is that it affords smaller bettors the opportunity to make box and wheel wagers on exotic offerings for just ten percent of the normal $1 base cost (payouts for winning tickets are also one-tenth of the $1 payout). In short, the dime wager gives bettors an opportunity to win for a lot less money.

The 10-cent Superfectas are added to the existing wagering format on any live Los Alamitos race featuring eight betting interests or more at the start of the race.

The five superfecta races last night, April 5, averaged a $581.98 payout for the $1 Superfecta, or about $58.20 for the 10-cent Superfecta. Handles in the Superfecta pools enjoyed a 49% bump over the Superfecta pools on the previous Thursday, averaging $24,249. By comparison, the Superfecta pools on the two Superfecta races on Thursday, March 29, averaged $16,220.

In 10-cent-Superfecta terms, that's more than 80,000 extra dimes per Superfecta race that bettors pushed through the windows!

Along with the 10-cent Superfecta, Los Alamitos continues to offer its popular guaranteed pools in the early Pick Fours. The track guarantees $75,000 pools in the early Pick Fours on Friday through Sunday and $50,000 in Thursday's early Pick Four.