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Are you only getting half the story?

March 1, 2007     E-mail this page to a friend!

If you’ve visited our website, you’ve been getting up-to-the-minute news items, as well as great information about your favorite racetracks.

Did you think that what you’re seeing is all there is to The Racing Journal?

Our website carries breaking news that just can’t wait for our normal publication, and links to other important information about our horseracing world.

But if you’re not subscribing to our monthly publication, you’re missing more than half the news about the events that drive our industry.

What you missed in February:

  • An article about how Russell Baze’s experience on the Northwest racing circuit has contributed to his record-setting career—including a recollection about his favorite horse, a hard-knocking British Columbia-bred gelding.

  • Photos from award-winning Montana photographer Ken Murphy.

  • Results of stakes races from tracks that feature live winter racing: Portland Meadows and Los Alamitos.

  • A review of Dick Francis’s latest crime thriller, which will help you stay alert while awaiting your 2007 foals.

  • Info about the 2007 Idaho Fairs circuit.

  • Awards for top quarter horses and their connections: AQHA Racing Champions and Idaho AQHA honors.

  • Information about top stallions standing in Western Canada, the U.S. Northwest, Intermountain West and upper Midwest, and in California.

  • Information about sales and stallion-season opportunities.

  • More news and notes from around the U.S and Canada to help you plan for the season ahead.

Subscribe now, and catch this month’s most interesting and most important news:

  • An update on Montana legislation designed to assist that state’s horseracing industry—including ways that you can help influence the outcome.

  • The stories behind the newsmakers:

    • Success Become Him introduces you to the man who’s looking to rewrite Portland Meadows history, jockey Joe Crispin.

    • This Is … Shady Lane Stables offers a preview of what to expect from the successful horsemen and horsewomen of the Pollitt family at Whoop-Up Downs in Lethbridge.

  • Year-end honors for Thoroughbreds and quarter horses across the region: Washington, North Dakota, Utah, Oregon.

  • Results of stakes races from Portland Meadows and Los Alamitos.

  • And, as always, information about top stallions, and news and notes from around the U.S and Canada to help you plan for the season ahead.

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