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Crispin watch: Chasing a record

February 28, 2007     E-mail this page to a friend!

Jockey Joe Cripson closed in on Gary Stevens's riding record at Portland Meadows by winning six Thoroughbred races over the past three race days for six different owners. He needs only three wins to tie, four wins to break, the record when racing resumes on Monday, March 5.

Portland Meadows bettors have caught Cripsin fever, typically hammering down the odds on the horses he rides. Over the three days, in 24 Thoroughbred races, Crispin's mounts were the post time favorites 15 times, and were the favorites in all of his wins.

The odds on all of Crispin's mounts averaged just under 3-to-1, and averaged only 1.17-to-1 on the six winners, producing an average win payout of $4.33.

Even though he's become a bad bet at the windows, Crispin is still a good bet to set the new riding record.