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Crispin watch: Chasing a record

February 14, 2007     E-mail this page to a friend!

Portland Meadows fans have been enjoying some hot race-riding during the last couple of weeks, as jockey Joe Crispin makes a run at Gary Stevensís track record of 126 Thoroughbred wins in a single season.

During the past three days of racing, Crispin has notched a total of eight Thoroughbred wins, bringing his season total to 115.

Crispin, who earlier this season secured a seven-win day to tie his personal one-day record at the Northwest oval, now seems to have a target on his back, and itís not those new silks. The other jockeys have been riding to protect the existing record as long as possible!

Yet, barring bad racing luck and injury, Crispin has a fantastic chance to set a new record at the 2006-2007 meet, which is currently scheduled to continue through May 5.

Live racing resumes Sunday.