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Jockey Joe Crispin chases Gary Stevens’s record at Portland Meadows

January 28, 2007     E-mail this page to a friend!

During the 1982-83 season at Portland Meadows, an up-and-coming jockey named Gary Stevens tore up the track by winning 126 Thoroughbred races during the 92-day meet.
This season, a veteran jockey is charging toward breaking that record – and during a much shorter season. The 2006-07 Portland meet was originally scheduled for 78 days, and might not be able to make up the three days recently cancelled as a result of severe weather.
But that’s not stopping Joe Crispin.
As of January 23, after 41 days of racing, Crispin had notched 90 wins in Thoroughbred races. "I think I'm still in good shape to break the record if I can stay healthy and avoid getting suspended," said Crispin. "It would help if they make up the lost racing days, though."
Crispin has plenty of changes to pad that record when racing resumes today. He was named to ride in five races on Sunday, January 28, and seven on Monday, the 29th, and has a mount in all nine races on Tuesday’s all-Thoroughbred card.