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AQHA Marketing and Media Award Winners announced

December 27, 2006     E-mail this page to a friend!

Amarillo, Texas, December 21, 2006 – The American Quarter Horse Association announces the 2005 Marketing and Media Awards winners.

Formerly called the Sprint and Steel Dust awards, the contest was designed to recognize outstanding coverage and promotion of horses, people and events within the American Quarter Horse industry through television, newspaper, radio, photographs and AQHA Affiliates.

The contest winners will be recognized in March during the 2007 AQHA Convention in Houston. Category winners receive a specially designed Lisa Perry Bronze featuring a Steel Dust-type American Quarter Horse.
To learn more about the contest and to obtain contest entry forms, visit AQHA’s Web site at
Award winners are listed below:

Print Media - Commentary
1st: Speedhorse, Take Five, Diane Ciarloni

Print Media - News Reporting
1st: Cutting Horse Chatter, Music City Futurity, Stacy Pigott
2nd: Northern Horse Review, Venturing South in 2004, Jenn Webster
3rd: Speedhorse, Vals Fortune Tops $1 Million, Gloria Dow and Speedhorse Staff

Print Media - Feature
1st: Western Horseman, The Waggoner Ranch, Holly Endersby
2nd: Speedhorse, My Years With Go Man Go, Diane Ciarloni
3rd: Western Horseman, The Most Marketable Color, April Fingerlos
Honorable Mention: Northern Horse Review, The Hollywood Hand, Tammy Meadows

1st: Quarter Horse Today, Ramona Billing
2nd: AQHYA Region 10, Jessi Mitchell

Marketing Campaign
1st: Rocky Mountain Quarter Horse Association

Affiliate Magazine
1st: Iowa Quarter Horse Association, Jennifer Horton
2nd: Ohio Quarter Horse Association, Connie Lechleitner

1st: Northern Horse Review
2nd: Speedhorse

1st: Horse Motion Photographics
2nd: Horse Motion Photographics
3rd: Horse Motion Photographics

Single Edition - Print
1st: “A Guide To Cutting,” Cutting Horse Chatter
Honorable Mention: Ohio Quarter Horse Association News, Connie Lechleitner
Honorable Mention: Speedhorse, “The Racing Report”

1st: Horse Racing Alberta, Jeff Robillard
2nd: Germany – 2005 DQHA Convention Trailer, Roland Hochn