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Fastbet arrives at Whoop-Up Downs

November 3, 2006     E-mail this page to a friend!

By Garry Allison
The Horses, Rocky Mountain Turf Club, Lethbridge (Nov. 3)- The future is here.
The Rocky Mountain Turf Club now has the FastBet UnitedTote wagering system available for race fans. Racegoers may open an account with RMTC and receive a card which they can use on location, or over the telephone using their private number, and eventually wagering will be opened op over the Internet as well.

The card is the equivalent of cash when you place a wager, and possession and use of the card is restricted to persons of legal age for pari-mutuel wagering.

At the RMTC the card is simple to use in the terminals in Bullys and under the RMTC
grandstand. You simply swipe your card - much like you do your Interact cards - the use a touch- screen system to take you through the procedure. You touch the screen to determine the track where you wish to bet, the race, the horse, the amount of the wager, and the type, win, place, show or and exactor or trifactor.

Once you got through it a few times with a RMTC Betting Buddy you'll find it's a breeze, and even fun.

This is not just a RMTC-based program.You can wager on dozens of tracks across North America and one big races like the Kentucky Derby, the Breeders Cup, the Queens Plate,
Standardbred's Little Brown Jug and any other race you care to mention.

At the end of the day you can cash out, or you can leave your winnings in your account. The machine also allows you to check your wagering history.

Hopefully the entire system will be in pl