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EVA outbreak in New Mexico affects Dash Ta Fame

July 3, 2006     E-mail this page to a friend!

Dash Ta Fame and numerous other horses at MJ Farms in Veguita, New Mexico have been affected by an outbreak of Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA). The following press release from the New Mexico Board of Livestock gives website information available regarding EVA.

AQHA also has a press release of June 29 on their website regarding the specifics of the outbreak at MJ Farms ( Follow the “racing” link on the lefthand menu bar of the Home Page to see the story under the Latest News menu.

NM Livestock Board, June 28, 2006 (Albuquerque) - The New Mexico Livestock Board is investigating an outbreak of Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA) in the State of New Mexico. It is an acute, contagious viral disease known to affect horses and other members of the equine family only. EVA is not transmissible to humans or other domestic species.

Action has been taken to limit the spread of the disease.

The New Mexico State Veterinarian is working with knowledgeable individuals in the equine industry in order to formulate plans to minimize the impact of this disease on producers in the State of New Mexico.

Information about EVA is available on the United States Department of Agriculture website: Detailed information about EVA from the United States Department of Agriculture including history, transmission, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control is available at:

Individuals with concerns about possible exposure should contact their veterinarian. Veterinarians are asked to report suspected cases to the New Mexico Livestock Board.