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Putting Chris Loseth back in the spotlight

May 16, 2006     E-mail this page to a friend!

Vancouver, BC - (May 16/06) Chris Loseth was a 10-year-old Huckleberry Finn type of kid growing up in Fort Nelson when the urge to become a professional jockey pulled at him like a big trout tugging on a fishing line.

He recalls saying to himself, “Man, I’d sure like to do that” as he was flipping through the sports section of the newspaper and read that John Longden had just ridden his 6,000th winner on a horse named Prince Scorpion before the largest crowd in British Columbia racing history.

It happened on August 16, 1965.

Years later, when Loseth finished high school, he headed south to Hastings Park where he was fortunate enough to have trainer Alan May take him under his wing. May taught the youngster about horsemanship while former jockey Dennis Terry fine-tuned his riding skills.

Over an illustrious career that spanned more than three decades, Loseth finished with an amazing 3,567 lifetime wins and 277 stakes victories. He won the riding title at Hastings an unprecedented eight times and in 2001 was named winner of the coveted Avelino Gomez Memorial Award in recognition of his contributions to thoroughbred racing in Canada.

And to think it all started when a little boy just 10 years of age read about the legendary John Longden.

How fitting, to say the least, that this same Chris Loseth will be guest decorator at Hastings Racecourse on Monday, May 22 - Victoria Day - for the John Longden 6000 Stakes.

Loseth’s retirement was far too hasty midway through last season. His fellow workers, track management and masses of admiring fans never really had the opportunity to give this icon the farewell he so richly deserved.

Monday, May 22 - Victoria Day - we all get our chance when it’s Chris Loseth Day at Hastings Racecourse. The first 1,000 fans to purchase a live racing program will receive a collectible Chris Loseth Bobblehead Doll.