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Montana Governor announces Horse Racing Task Force

April 22, 2006     E-mail this page to a friend!

Helena, April 21 – Governor Brian Schweitzer today announced the creation of a Horseracing Task Force.

The purpose of the task force is to examine the historical records, current situation and future trends of the horse racing industry in Montana, identify current impediments to the industry’s vitality in Montana, and advise the Office of Economic Development as to whether specific measures could be undertaken to revitalize Montana’s horse racing industry including but not limited to promotional, legal, regulatory, and financial measures.

In performing its work, the Task Force shall look at the roles of state government, local government, and the private sector in Montana’s horse racing industry and make recommendations as to whether, and how, those roles could be adjusted or enhanced in order to revitalize the industry.

The Task Force will be consulting with individuals familiar with Montana’s horse racing industry, including but not limited to the Board of Horse Racing, county officials, fairgrounds officials, managers, horse owners, jockeys, stewards, other track workers, and members of the public. The Taks Force may also review and consider the horse racing industries in other states.

All members are public representatives and all terms end December 31, 2006, with the termination of the Task Force.

Appointed members of the Horseracing Task Force are as follows: Dale Mahlum, Missoula (Chair); Joe Birdrattler, Browning; Ben Carlson, Billings; Sherry Meador, Clancy; Shawn Real Bird, Garryowen; Bill Schmitt, Great Falls; Ron Thiebert, Kalispell;
John Tooke, Miles City; and Topper Tracy, Stevensville.

A copy of the Governor’s Executive Order No. 33-2006 is available at the Governor’s website at