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March 18, 2006     E-mail this page to a friend!


March 16, 2006

FROM: Evan Barrett, Chief Business Development Officer
Office of the Governor

TO: Interested Parties

Governor Brian Schweitzer has authorized the formation of a task force to look into the future of horseracing in Montana and has asked the Governorís Office of Economic Development to oversee this effort, since the OED is concerned with the viability of all industries in Montana.

Some of the issues faced by the horseracing industry include the costs and thoroughness of regulation, the promotion of the industry and the obvious decline in public participation.

The plan is that the task force will meet between now and early to mid-November in order to take public input, make recommendations to the Administration and give guidance to the Board of Horseracing as it sets race dates for the 2007 season.

As a regulatory body, the Board of Horseracing is limited in what it can do to boost the sport. It is anticipated that a task force will be asked to identify solutions to several concerns of the industry and consider whether the sport can be made viable in Montana. We expect it will produce recommendations that could lead to the reinvigoration of the industry, if that is possible.

The task force will be encouraged to meet in locations around the state to accommodate the participation of Montanans interested in the horseracing industry. The task force is anticipated to consist of not more than 9 voting members and will be encouraged to seek a broad range of opinions and ideas from the public.

The Governorís office is currently seeking applicants for the task force. Please send an email or fax to the Governorís office (attention Patti Keebler) if you are interested in applying for a task force position. Interested individuals should apply by Friday, March 31. Thank you.

Fax: 406-444-5529
Voice: 406-444-3862