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VITA FLEX® introduces The Gallopin Gourmet Fundraising Program

January 20, 2006     E-mail this page to a friend!

A Fund-Raising project tailor-made for Horse Clubs of all varieties

VITA FLEX® - VITA FLEX®, well known in the horse community for innovative nutritional supplements, is proud to introduce a fundraising program exclusively for horse clubs.

The Galloping Gourmet™ fundraising program provides local horse clubs with a means of raising funds needed to defray the costs of club activities. Local clubs can sign up directly with Vita Flex to get a “Galloping Gourmet Fundraising Kit.” Each kit contains two 5-ounce bags of Galloping Gourmet Elite Horse Treats, order forms, pens, consumer brochures, and a poster. The program also includes money-saving coupons personalized for use at local feed and tack stores.

“Like any organization, horse and pony clubs need to raise funds to finance their activities,” said Allyson St. Vincent, marketing manager for Vita Flex. “The money earned from the sale of these horse treats will help clubs achieve their financial goals. In addition to providing horse and pony club members with a way of raising funds, the Galloping Gourmet fundraising program provides young men and women with an opportunity to develop life skills such as teamwork, goal setting and self reliance.”

Galloping Gourmet Elite Horse Treats are deliciously fresh and flavorful - guaranteed to please even the most finicky horse or your money back. They are full of the finest ingredients available including rice bran, barley, oats and molasses, with the taste horses can’t resist. These treats are specially packaged to keep them tasting as good as the day they were made.

Vita Flex Nutrition is a leading supplier of advanced performance products for horses. Vita Flex products are used and endorsed by many of America's best riders and are recommended by respected veterinarians around the world. For more information about Vita Flex Nutritional products call toll free at (800) 848-2359 or go to