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South Dakota Quarter Horse racing looks to maintain blacktype stakes status

December 7, 2005     E-mail this page to a friend!

The South Dakota Quarter Horse Racing Association is moving to keep Quarter Horse stakes in the state in compliance with the new rules for blacktype stakes set by the American Quarter Horse Association.

AQHA changed the minimum purse requirements, effective in 2006, from $10,000 to $15,000 for stakes races to be counted as official AQHA stakes.

“The South Dakota Quarter Horse Racing Association (SDQHRA) had decided to take the steps to reach that goal on all of our stakes races,” said Tom Maher.

Those races are the South Dakota Bred Quarter Horse Futurity and Derby as well as the Open Quarter Horse Futurity and Derby at both Fort Pierre and Aberdeen race tracks.

“We calculated that it would take at least $9,000 of added money to reach that goal and we passed a resolution that says it’s important for SDQHRA to do that,” Maher explained. “We tentatively have an understanding with the tracks in the state that they agree with us adding $9,000 on each stake race at both tracks.”

Between the two state tracks and the South Dakota Racing Commission, the goal appears to be reachable, according to Maher. “This is subject to approval from the state, but it appears hopeful,” he said.

“If we can get that done, that would mean that in South Dakota there would be a total of $120,000 in eight stakes, with blacktype,” Maher continued. “We’re hoping that would encourage people to bring their horses to South Dakota to participate in those stakes.”

As horsemen set their racing schedules for the upcoming season, SDQHRA is encouraging them to keep South Dakota racing in mind. Live racing begins mid-April and runs through the first week in May at Fort Pierre and then continues through the Memorial Day weekend at Aberdeen. Payment schedules and nomination forms will be posted in the Racing Journal as well as available on the South Dakota racing website at Check the South Dakota website for condition books also.

Nomination payments SDQHRA stakes will be a total of $500 for each race for 2006. These races will be run at official AQHA distances.

First payment deadline for the South Dakota Bred stakes is January 15, 2006 (open stakes payments begin at a later date). Contact Pat Sutley of the Verendrye Association, which runs the meet at Fort Pierre, at 605-223-2178, and contact Mike Schmidt at Aberdeen at 605-229-0013.