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Future of Montana Horse Racing Industry

November 14, 2005     E-mail this page to a friend!

Topperís Comments:

Anyone with the slightest interest in horse racing must be aware that the future of the horse racing industry in Montana is in trouble.

Yesterday is gone and cannot be relived, what has happened is over, but maybe something can be done for the future, and if we donít try to save it, we only have ourselves to blame.

With this in mind and with much urging from horsemen around the state, Tom Tucker of Montana Simulcast Partners and I decided to conduct a meeting for anyone interested in the future of horseracing in Montana.

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss ideas and formulate a plan to help revitalize the Montana horse racing industry.

The best time for the meeting seems to be Friday, December 2 in Helena just prior to the December 3 MBOHR date hearing.

Everyone Welcome to Attend
Everyone interested in seeing Montanaís longtime tradition of horse racing continue in the state is welcome to attend and express their ideas.

Location: Jorgensonís Restaurant - Back Room, Friday, December 2 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.


1. Economic impact - then and now
a. Changes in the economics since 1980
b. Comparison of Montana to the national and regional growth

2. Legislation
a. Competition for the simulcasting revenues - where is it going
b. Get a percent of Lotto
c. Allow 1 track to have a casino
d. Approve fantasy sports

3. One track VS better circuit
a. Can a one track plan work
b. How can the dates for a circuit be improved

4. Plan of action
a. Need a plan to develop a racing program for Montana
b. Need a plan to get favorable legislation to allow for the plan
c. Leave with some start toward action