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ôRace for the Derby" airs September 23

September 22, 2005     E-mail this page to a friend!

This information is from Erin Harvey, who with the support of the CHRB and the industry, shot a documentary earlier this year that focuses primarily on Southern California jockeys.

Hello all,

The documentary that I was working on at Santa Anita Park and Churchill Downs earlier this year is finally finished. The first broadcasts will be this Friday night. I hope you get a chance to see it.

"Race for the Derby"
Friday, September 23rd
6:00pm and 9:00pm Pacific Time (9:00pm and Midnight Eastern time) Discovery Times Channel (Owned by the Discovery Channel, but a different channel altogether. Often shows up as "DTMS" in TV Guides, etc. You may need digital cable or satellite to get this channel.)

Thanks to all those within the horseracing industry who helped make this film possible. And my sincere apologies to those jockeys, agents, and trainers who did not make it into the final edit but spent large amounts of time with me. There was enough there to make a much longer film, but I had to make tough choices in the editing room. I hope you
all enjoy the show.

If you miss these first broadcasts, you can check here for more... episode=0&cpi=112573&gid=0&channel=DTC

Take care,
Erin Harvey