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IQHBA Idaho Cup Futurity and Derby

June 24, 2005     E-mail this page to a friend!

From Jerry Smith

It's my understanding that Mr. Chapple of Sandy Downs, Inc.,  received a call this morning requesting that the IQHBA IDAHO CUP FUTURITY AND DERBY be run at Sandy Downs during the July meet, which runs the last three weekends of July.
My estimation of scheduled timing, since the official condition book has already been published, is that,  "Trial Races" will be held on the first weekend,  July 16 or 17, and probably the 16th. "Final Races " will most likely be held on July 30, which is Wackerli Sponsorship Day.
The ITBA sponsored TB races that are running at Sandy Downs are in the Condition Book.
Capitol Racing's investment in the Sandy Downs Track Surface certainly enhances the safety for these races, and regardless of any uneducated concerns, will provide these racing athletes with  
"one of the safest,  fastest, and equitable racing surfaces in the world" based on my thoughts and 29 years of racing involvement.  A great decision,  on behalf of the IQHBA, considering the existing Les Bois situation!! 
Condition books can be picked up at Sandy Downs Simulcast, Thursdays thru Sundays, 10:30 a.m. until late in the evenings, or requested via 1-208-529-0671, 1-208-745-8199, 1-208- 221-5745,  or 1-208-785-6271, if not received via U.S. postal mail.
IF YOU WISH TO UTILIZE EMAIL, the addressees are: , and .
Due to the cost of mailing and the efficiency of email, if you wish to send me your email address, I'll start compiling an emailing address list, and send you the Sandy Downs Simulcast web site address, as it will soon be available, and the future condition books for Sandy Downs, as well as any other condition books that I can obtain.
I'll also suggest to the ISRC, AND THE OTHER STATES belonging to NAPRA, as well as all other racing organizations that will listen, that we need to link together for a common information sharing point within the network!!   
Possibly, we might all support the Racing Journal, and for a small fee, be listed in their registry, and keep sharing their fabulous email news reports, in addition to their printed publication, as a central point of information!!
Jerry Smith