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Sandy Downs to pick up some Les Bois Park races

June 17, 2005     E-mail this page to a friend!

By Jerry Smith, Idaho Appaloosa Racing Association

June 16--Sandy Downs will conduct a live race meet the last three weekends in July beginning July 16 and 17. The Idaho Thoroughbred Association has scheduled four of their major stakes races, which have historically been run at Les Bois Park in Boise, to be run during this meet.

The Idaho Quarter Horse Racing Association has not yet decided whether they intend to run their Idaho Cup Futurity and Derby during this meet.

Sandy Downs Inc. is forced, due to the time element involved, to produce and distribute their condition books without the Idaho Quarter Horse Association’s Idaho Cup races being included due to lack of commitment information at this time. It is possible the IQHA may decide at a later date to run these races during this meet.

In addition to the above, it looks like there will be Indian Relay Races each weekend, and possibly some locally sponsored other recreational activates at Sandy Downs during all of the race dates.

Capitol Racing has dedicated tremendous support to this meet in many ways, beginning with the arrival of equipment and operators, to totally refurbish the track. They began using their properly designed equipment and expertise in race track preparation this morning.

Not only have they transported much of the equipment that they had in Boise, but they have employed a " Nationally Renowned Rock Picker" to totally glean the track of all abrasive items that could produce hoof injury to horses.

The "Rock Picker" is somewhat similar to the Idaho Potato Harvester! It is based out of Phoenix, as that seems to be the most central location for all of the major tracks that use the Picker, in addition to many arenas and even beaches.

Upon completion of this work, I personally question whether a better racing surface can be found in the world, due to the exquisite construction design and the base materials being properly utilized in building the track base, a major component being the ingenuous and proper infusion of pumas.

The race track is available for the horsemen to exercise their horses until 10:00 a.m. and after 5:30 p.m.

My personal estimate of cost for Capitol to provide this project would be in excess of $20,000. I'm guessing the Rock Picker alone would exceed $12,000.

They are also planning to use the Rock Picker in the Rodeo Arena to enhance the livestock and participant safety there also.
Capitol Racing is also planning to add monies to the live race purses and to provide administrative help in addition to equipment and operators to maintain the race track during the live meet.
It appears to me that their reasoning in being so generous with their assistance is that they, as a business, have done their homework. The equine industry in Idaho is one of it's major industries when you encompass all of the aspects, including feed, vehicles, trailers, taxes, employment, equipment, travel, youth, education, and all of the recreational events, etc.

Exquisite horse racing can exist in Idaho at a lesser cost than it can in California and other densely populated states--where real estate costs negate the space needed for proper training and care of the athletes of racing--and still be broadcast throughout the world, via simulcast, to support the tracks, the equine industry, as well as the School Fund, etc.

Many of the world’s finest breeders, trainers, jockeys, and owners are either Idaho persons or Idaho influenced, if you really study the current equine industry. What about the cloning of Idaho Gem? It happened partially due to Idaho Racing, and he and his cloned brother are headed to the race track!

Capitol Racing is investing, as anyone in the stock market, farm, or business world is, and dedicating their time and efforts to this chosen industry so they can help it succeed and sometime in the future produce a black line result, not only for themselves, but for all persons involved in the industry.

For questions, contact myself (Jerry Smith) at 785-6271 or 681-6270, or Larry Chapple at 745-8199 or 221-5745, and we'll share what information and thoughts that we have.