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Gem County picks up Kentucky Derby simulcasting!

May 6, 2005     E-mail this page to a friend!

Although not much has changed with the situation at Les Bois Park in Boise with live horse racing currently stymied (the track will not open itís doors for live racing as scheduled on Saturday, May 7, Kentucky Derby Day), the Idaho Racing Commission just approved simulcasting at the Gem County Racetrack in Emmett, Idaho beginning Kentucky Derby Day, and continuing into June through the national Triple Crown races.

Bettors can wager in the 4-H Barn at the Gem County Fairgrounds, which held its three-day live race meet on April 23, 24 and May 1. Because the track conducts live horse racing, the legal door was open to request simulcasting at the new venue.

Gem County holds the license for simulcasting and has hired Capitol Racing to handle the operations.

In other horse racing developments, the Idaho Quarter Horse Association has moved the location of the Bitterroot Derby, Futurity and Consolation to Pocatello, which begins a live race meet on May 9. Trials for the Bitterroot races will be conducted May 14 and 15, with finals on May 29. Entries for the trials will be taken on May 10 at Pocatello Downs.

The current leaseholder of the facilities at Les Bois Park, Lariat Production, has brought a lawsuit against both Ada County, which owns the facilities, and Capitol Racing, the prospective buyer of the lease, for conspiring to evict Lariat from the race track when Lariat failed to continue negotiations for the sale of the lease, and the live race meet at Les Bois Park for this season appeared in jeopardy.