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Update: Status of massive former wild horse and burro SD rescue

May 16, 2017     E-mail this page to a friend!

An astonishing outpouring of good will continues for the at-risk horses from Lantry, S.D., but at least 125 adoptive homes and lifesaving donations are needed for approximately 250 horses to complete the largest horse rescue in U.S. history. (Go to .)

The 313 horses relocated from South Dakota to a new and well equipped staging area in Colorado, were the remaining horses from 900 that the State of South Dakota found neglected last October.

About 250 horses still need approved adoptive homes and transport. Many of the horses are strong and beautiful despite all they have endured. About 25 suffer from full or partial blindness, the cause of which remains unknown. If you can provide a suitable home for two or more horses, enabling bonded horses to stay together, please go to .

The task ahead remains daunting, but the Wild Horse Alliance believes it can and will be accomplished.

Recently, an inspiring thing happened: The 550-person, self-described cowboy community of Faith, S.D., 30 minutes west of Lantry, came together for these horses in need.

With rescuers facing a March 27 deadline to remove the horses off the property managed by The International Society for the Preservation of Mustangs and Burros (ISPMB), the townspeople of Faith stepped forward. The deadline was part of a legal agreement between ISPMB and state’s attorneys,

Ranchers opened their gates, giving every horse a temporary place to stay so equine-rescue Fleet of Angels readied the animals for transport. Local veterinarian Tammy Winger labored through 10-hour nights to ensure the horses were vetted, with proper paperwork and microchips, so that they could travel over state lines.

The horses have since arrived at a well-equipped staging area in Ft. Collins, Colo., which is serving as the new adoption hub.

Now, we need your financial contribution to complete this unprecedented effort. (Go to )

It is imperative that the Wild Horse and Burro Sanctuary Alliance continue to raise funds to cover feed and labor until all the horses reach new homes.

Once more, horse lovers like from across the country must rally — like the people of Faith, S.D., did – so that we can complete this rescue by April 30. You can help with a generous donation and /or sharing tis with friends and colleagues. Everything helps — we are almost there!

Please help.

We want to thank EVERYONE who has contributed to this big effort- everyone has made an impact on this rescue mission!
A special shout out to:
The Griffin-Soffell Equine Rescue Foundation
Victoria McCullough
The Humane Society of The United States
Return to Freedom
Habitat For Horses
Lifesavers, Wild Horse Rescue
The Unwanted Horse Coalition
Best Friends
Red Horse Nation