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Appaloosa Horse Club Video Contest deadline nears

March 14, 2017     E-mail this page to a friend!

This competition is dedicated to the lifestyle of owning Appaloosa horses and the diversity of the Appaloosa horse. Get an entry form at

Theme: Your life with your Appaloosa horse.


1. Everyday Life
a. Open: 19+ years old
b. Youth category: between the ages 8-18 years old

2. Competition/Show
a. Open: 19+ years old
b. Youth category: between the ages 8-18 years old

Awards: Awards will be given to both adult and youth in each category. Awards will be announced May 1, 2017.

First place: $100.00
Second place: $50.00

Winners will also have their video in an ApHC commercial.

Deadline: March 31, 2017


1. Length of video must be anywhere between 20 and 30 seconds. The longer video does not mean you have a better chance of winning. The creative 20 second video can be more enjoyable than a 30 second video.
2. If you using your phone, make sure the resolution is the highest quality setting. File must be a MP4 or .mov
3. Upload your video to and email the video link to Attached a signed release of your video.
4. A signed model release will have to accompany your video. A parent or guardian signature is required for all youth entries..

Judging: There will be a blind vote by members of ApHC on-line for the entries. Then the ApHC staff members will break any ties.

Possible ideas:
1. You riding your Appaloosa horse.
2. You and your Appaloosa horse hanging out in the pasture or on the trail.
3. Your Appaloosa horse doing their funny little things they do.
4. The new Appaloosa foal.
5. Let your imagination soar with possibilities.

Video Contest Tips:
1. Make sure the resolution is the highest quality setting you can use.
2. Hold your device (camera or your phone) that you are recording with steady. Landscape format is preferred.
3. Make sure you follow the theme, Your life with your Appaloosa horse. But, donít dilute your creativity, and stop you from producing something unique, just keep within the boundaries of the theme.
4. Make sure your video is strong in composition, exposure and focus. Try different perspectives and angles and donít be afraid to break the compositional rules.
5. The most important thing about entering is to enjoy the process and enter as many as you want.