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MBNA America Northwest Challenge Races to change venues

April 29, 2005     E-mail this page to a friend!

Races Move From Les Bois To Wyoming Downs

Amarillo, Texas, April 28, 2005 – The American Quarter Horse Association announced today that it is moving four MBNA® America Northwest Challenge races from Les Bois Park in Boise, Idaho, to Wyoming Downs in Evanston, Wyoming.

In moving the races, AQHA Senior Manager of the Racing Challenge, Ryan Sherman, worked diligently with parties at both facilities to ensure the changes are in the best interests of both racing facilities, the horsemen and the Racing Challenge.

“In order to maximize participation in the affected races, we needed to make the changes,” said Sherman. “Les Bois officials needed time to sort out details of their ownership change and Wyoming Downs, although technically in the West/Southwest Challenge region, was the most logical choice to help out and host the additional races. We’re glad we were able to work with management at both facilities.”

Races moving from Les Bois to Wyoming Downs with important date changes (in red) are:

Race Nomination Sustaining Late Trials Final

MBNA America Northwest Challenge 5/6 5/23 5/23 6/26 7/10
Bayer Legend Northwest Derby Challenge 5/6 5/22 5/22 7/04 7/17
Ford Northwest Juvenile Challenge 5/6 5/29 5/29 7/04 7/17
MD Barns Northwest Distance Challenge 5/10 6/13 6/13 7/04 7/17

With the new races, Wyoming Downs will host six Challenge races this year. The track already was selected as the site for the West/Southwest Professional’s Choice Claiming Challenge on July 17 and the West/Southwest MD Barns Distance Challenge on August 14.

For more information about the recent change, call the Racing Challenge Hotline toll free at (877) 222-7223 or visit, and select 2005 Challenge Schedule.