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$100,000 Bonus for Montana Quarter Horses canceled

April 28, 2005     E-mail this page to a friend!

It was a great idea to spark enthusiasm for Quarter Horse racing in Montana, but organizers found themselves running short on time in the details of planning for a $100,000 Quarter Horse Triple Crown bonus this season.

As a result, the bonus is not available this season but is a hopeful reality for 2006. With more time to prepare and advertise for next year, there remains the possibility of a bonus next season. And there remains the possibility of a Triple Crown bonus in the state for Thoroughbreds also.

“The planning and understanding of the details for this didn’t come together until last week,” said Bill Ogg, Fair Manager and Racing Director for the State Fair Race Meet in Great Falls, during the final week of April. “The three entities involved mutually agreed that time was running short to make this the event it needed to be and promote it properly for this summer.”

The bonus was a joint effort between Ogg, Fair Manager Jay Scott of Kalispell, and Billings Racing Director Ben Carlson. Quarter Horse trainer Janis Schoepf of Kalispell also was involved in helping organize the bonus.

The advertisement placed in The Racing Journal prior to the final decision could not be removed since the June issue was already printed.