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Kentucky Derby updated odds

May 7, 2016     E-mail this page to a friend!

As of 9:00 a.m. Mountain time, here are your updated odds for today's Kentucky Derby:

Post Horse                  Odds
1 Trojan Nation 40-to-1
2 Suddenbreakingnews 24-to-1
3 Creator 16-to-1
4 Mo Tom 23-to-1
5 Gun Runner 10-to-1
6 My Man Sam 19-to-1
7 Oscar Nominated 41-to-1
8 Lani 27-to-1
9 Destin 21-to-1
10 Whitmore 33-to-1
11 Exaggerator 5-to-1
12 Tomís Ready 44-to-1
13 Nyquist 2-to-1
14 Mohaymen 12-to-1
15 Outwork 27-to-1
16 Shagaf 63-to-1
17 Mor Spirit 13-to-1
18 Majesto 60-to-1
19 Brodyís Cause 21-to-1
20 Danzing Candy 28-to-1

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