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Just 16 "NO" votes will SAVE historical racing in Idaho

February 13, 2015     E-mail this page to a friend!

If you live in Idaho or follow the state's horseracing industry, you probably know that historical racing, or instant racing, was approved as a wagering option by the Idaho legislature in 2013, and then the law was signed by the governor. Les Bois Park, Sandy Downs, and Couer d'Alene Greyhound Park and Event Center spent millions of dollars to create accommodations for the new games, and hired and trained hundreds of employees.

Their investment has paid off. Race purses will increase this year, and the industry will continue to grow with this new income source. The local economies have seen lots of benefits, too, and the state of Idaho is raking in tax dollars.

All of that—most importantly larger purses, and even live horseracing itself—could well go away if Senate Bill 1011 (SB1011) passes.

YOUR CALL OR E-MAIL TO THE IDAHO STATEHOUSE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Call 208-332-1000 and tell the operator the name of your legislator, or the name of any senator—they all have a vote—from the list at the end of this article. Here's all you have to say:

"Let (name of legislator) know that I want him/her to VOTE NO on SB1011." The operator will ask for your name and place of residence, and will get your request to the appropriate person ASAP!

While constituents' voices have the most power, anyone with interests in Idaho horseracing can have a say in the outcome. If you've ever picked up a check at an Idaho racetrack, if you've ever cashed a bet at a track or had a fun afternoon at a simulcasting outlet, please call a few legislators and let them know the importance of the Idaho horseracing industry. Live racing will likely go away completely if the 2013 bill is repealed and SB1011 passes.

Go to to learn what senator represents which district. (This site includes an e-mail link to each senator, too.) The following list of all current Idaho senators includes representatives from some of the areas that are currently benefiting the most from historical racing (in parentheses).

CALL ONE OR MORE SENATORS as soon as possible, and ask them to vote NO on SB1011:

Jeff C. Siddoway, phone: (208) 663-4585

Brent Hill, phone: (208) 522-8100

Bart M. Davis (Idaho Falls), phone: (208) 356-7495

John H. Tippets, phone: (208) 847-2876

Steve Bair (Blackfoot), phone: (208) 684-5209

Dean M. Mortimer (Idaho Falls), phone: (208) 528-6377

Roy Lacey (Pocatello), phone: (208) 232-7053

Jim Guthrie, phone: (208) 254-3605

Dean L. Cameron (Rupert), phone: (208) 436-4424

Michelle Stennett, phone: (208) 726-8106

Jim Patrick, phone: (208) 733-6897

Lee Heider, phone: (208) 731-1631

Bert Brackett, phone: (208) 857-2217

Lori Den Hartog, phone: (208) 779-2022

Clifford R. Bayer, phone: (208) 362-5058

Chuck Winder (Boise), phone: (208) 853-9090

Cherie Buckner-Webb (Boise), phone: (208) 343-2650

Janie Ward-Engelking (Boise), phone: (208) 385-9564

Elliot Werk (Boise), phone: (208) 861-3041

Grant Burgoyne (Boise), phone: (208) 377-5729

Fred S. Martin (Boise), phone: (208) 447-9000

Marv Hagedorn, phone: (208) 867-5643

Curt McKenzie (Boise), phone: (208) 344-4379

Todd M. Lakey, phone: (208) 465-5897

Patti Anne Lodge, phone: (208) 459-7158

Jim Rice, phone: (208) 891-4178

Abby Lee, phone: (208) 250-6744

Steven P. Thayn (Emmett), phone: (208) 365-6614

Sherry Nuxoll, phone: (208) 962-7718

Dan G. Johnson, phone: (208) 816-1164

Dan J Schmidt, phone: (208) 882-6328

Mary Souza, phone: (208) 661-4388

Bob Nonini, phone: (208) 659-4643

Steve Vick, phone: (208) 772-2761

Shawn Keough, phone: (208) 263-1839