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Idaho legislators schedule hearings on historical racing

January 22, 2015     E-mail this page to a friend!

Idaho legislators are once again trying to jeopardize a major portion of the state’s agriculture economy.

“The Senate State Affairs Committee has two hearings tomorrow [Friday, January 22] that are racing related,” says Melissa Bernard, CEO of IdaRacing at Sandy Downs in Idaho Falls, Idaho. “One for some run-of-the-mill rules and, more importantly, a print hearing for legislation to repeal historical racing.

“We need your bodies at 8:00 a.m. at the Senate State Affairs Building located on the West end of the Capitol Building in Boise. And wear your cowboy hats! We need to fill the room with a 100 people . . . you have a powerful voice—please use it!” Bernard urged.

Here are the names of the Senate State Affairs committee members:
Chair Curt McKenzie (208) 332-1407 -
Vice Chair Patti Anne Lodge (208) 332-1320 -
Bart M. Davis (208) 332-1305 -
Brent Hill (208) 332-1300 -
Chuck Winder (208) 332-1308 -
Jeff C. Siddoway (208) 332-1342 -
Todd M. Lakey (208) 332-1328 -
Michelle Stennett (208) 332-1410 -
Elliot Werk (208) 332-1411 -

Additional hearings are scheduled for Tuesday with the House State Affairs. Go to the Idaho legislative website for continuously updated information.

“This affects the entire equine and agriculture industry as well as local businesses,” said Bernard. “If you are a horseman or rancher, farmer, or business entity in Idaho, show your support. We are receiving strong opposition and there is talk that some Legislators want to repeal the law. We are in need of your collective efforts again in support of Historic Racing and the implementation of the passing of rules as provided to the Legislature by the Idaho State Racing Commission.

“Your efforts in contacting your representatives directly to voice your support and seek their continued backing of Historical Horse Racing intact is essential in this final push to ensure the survival of live racing in Idaho,” Bernard concluded.