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Make a call to save Assiniboia Downs

February 16, 2014     E-mail this page to a friend!

In radio ads and on a website, Assiniboia Downs is urging race fans to recall their great times at the track and call Manitoba NDP premier Greg Selinger at 204-945-3714 to ask that he reconsider his plan to siphon off $5 million in revenue the Downs earns from patrons who play the races and VLTs. The Downs would be left with a paltry $1 million in revenue. Compare that with an eye-popping $73 million that Woodbine in Toronto gets in its agreement with the Ontario Liberal government. And the $5 million is money the non-profit Downs has EARNED from its patrons. At stake, too, are 500 full-time jobs. Make that call and say, "Hello, is Mr. Selinger there? I'd like to talk to him about fairness."