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UC Davis to offer two Summer Horsepacking Adventures in 2014

January 22, 2014     E-mail this page to a friend!

(photo by UC Davis Extension)
Go beyond the classroom with UC Davis Extension's Summer Horsepacking Adventures.

Mountain Horsemanship: Veterinary Care and Horsepacking in the Wilderness

July 13-19, Lone Pine, California; $1,625 includes horse, saddle, meals, instruction

This deluxe, seven-day pack trip covers the essentials of horsepacking with the Golden Trout Wilderness of the High Sierra as your laboratory. Past participants have acclaimed it as an outstanding adventure. The instructors will discuss equipment, emergency veterinary care, feeding and managing livestock in the backcountry, and more.

Lecture and laboratory topics include:

• Wilderness conduct of people
• Trail riding safety and horse equipment
• Methods of feeding livestock in the backcountry
• Management of livestock
• Preventative medicine
• Evaluating the normal horse
• Treating a hurt or sick horse in the wilderness
• Packing equipment, fitting saddles, making loads, hitches and leading strings of mules
• Veterinary skills including physical examination, floating teeth, intramuscular/IV injections, applying wraps, animal restraint and aging horses
• Shoeing

Mustangs: A Living Legacy

June 7-10, Bishop, California; $900 includes horse, saddle, meals, instruction

Track and observe wild mustangs in the last remaining herd area not managed by man in the barren and remote high desert area of Pizona in Inyo National Forest, which plays host to North America’s wildest bands of mustangs. This trip combines a superb outdoor adventure with a unique educational experience.

Spend four days observing and photographing the free-roaming herds, blooming wildflowers and other resident wildlife. Enjoy awe-inspiring vistas with their rugged beauty and stunning mountain sunsets. Experienced guides and instructors will lead evening discussions on the history, social behavior and uncertain future of these proud animals. While this adventure is open to any level rider, be prepared to ride three to six hours a day with a break for lunch. The group will operate from a base central meadow camp and ride out each day to open range.

For more information:

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