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Jockey autograph proceeds on November 9 to benefit Gregorio Arriaga

November 5, 2013     E-mail this page to a friend!

Great jockeys from past and present like two-time Champion of Champions winning riders James Lackey and Danny Cardoza, legendary rider Charley Smith, plus current stars G.R. Carter, Alex Bautista, Roy Baldillez, Cody Jensen, and more are scheduled to be part of Los Alamitos Race Course Jockey Autograph Night on Saturday, November 9. The jockeys will sign special edition commemorative jockey cards by renowned Equine artist Ginny Harding. Each individual card, which comes in a protective vinyl sleeve, can be obtained for a donation of $5, or three cards for $10. All proceeds from the sale of these cards go to an injured rider, with Los Alamitos based jockey Gregorio Arriaga the target for 100% of the funds raised on November 9

The 2013 set is the fifth set in the ongoing series. So far there are 15 different images of some of the sportís greatest riders, and the collectible series continues each year with new cards. The three jockeys featured in the 2013 jockey cards are Alex Bautista, Curtis Perner, and James Lackey. Previous riders or their families targeted for funds raised by this fine-art, collectible Quarter Horse Jockey Card series have been Tad Leggett, Jacky Martin, and the family of Mark Villa. Mark Villa will also be one of the featured jockeys on the 2014 set of jockey cards. For more info call (714) 820-2690.