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FREE MONEY! THRUST industry grants available to Washington horsepeople

July 20, 2013     E-mail this page to a friend!

In a continuing effort to promote education within the equine industry, the Washington Thoroughbred Foundation, through the auspices of its Thoroughbred Horse Racing’s United Scholarship Trust (THRUST) program, will present up to six $500 educational grants annually.

Available to immediate family members of WTBOA and WHBPA members and other local industry affiliated individuals. Preference is given to first-time applicants.

Please provide the following:
A one-page (approximately 500 words) essay on why you feel you are deserving of financial aid from the Washington Thoroughbred Foundation.
Please let us know how you are affiliated with the local industry (WTBOA or WHBPA family member or other local industry affiliation).
Include a statement with specific information about how you intend to use the funds. For example, it may be applied toward tuition, transportation or other need(s) related to your education. Preferably, the applicant plans to use the funds within 12 months of receipt.
Include your contact information, and plan carefully: the deadline is JULY 31 of applicable year

For more information, contact our offices at (253) 288-7878

Applications should be mailed to:
THRUST Industry Grant
c/o Washington Thoroughbred Foundation
P.O. Box 1499
Auburn, WA 98071-1499