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Belmont Superboard, updated odds

June 8, 2013     E-mail this page to a friend!

Get your owners, trainers, and—most importantly—silks depictions with "Broadway Joe" Roshau's Belmont Superboard, available for download by clicking the link below:

. . . and here are updated Belmont odds, as of 11:00 a.m. Belmont Time (9:00 a.m. Mountain Time):

                      Morning  Current
No. Horse name line odds

1 Frac Daddy 30-to-1 30-to-1
2 Freedom Child 8-to-1 9-to-1
3 Overanalyze 12-to-1 9-to-1
4 Giant Finish 30-to-1 28-to-1
5 Orb 3-to-1 2-to-1
6 Incognito 20-to-1 17-to-1
7 Oxbow 5-to-1 11-to-1
8 Midnight Taboo 20-to-1 25-to-1
9 Revolutionary 9-to-2 5-to-1
10 Will Take Charge 20-to-1 20-to-1
11 Vyjack 20-to-1 25-to-1
12 Palace Malice 15-to-1 15-to-1
13 Unlimited Budget 8-to-1 12-to-1
14 Golden Soul 10-to-1 11-to-1