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AQHA announces 2004 Racing World Champions

January 19, 2005     E-mail this page to a friend!

Oklahoma City, OK – The American Quarter Horse Association announced on January 19 the 2004 AQHA Racing World Champions during a ceremony at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Oklahoma City. Hosted by American Quarter Horse racing analyst Tom Dawson, a packed house listened as the 12 horse categories, three divisional champions, four human categories and the AQHA Racing World Champion were revealed. Following is a list of the Champions including votes received and statistical information.
In each of the age divisions an overall champion was named. From those three divisional champions, the World Champion Racing American Quarter Horse was selected. The distance category is for horses that have excelled in races at 550 yards or longer.
Horses were selected for the ballot in their specific category by meeting one or more of the following requirements for the year:
1. Earned a Grade 1 open stakes win.
2. Ranked among top year-end money earners as described in each sex and age category.
3. Any other horse nominated by a member of the racing committee.
The nominees for Champion Owner, Breeder, Trainer and Jockey are the five top-ranked individuals with the best overall placing according to money earned, races won and points earned. (In the case of owners and breeders, partnerships and ownership in corporate or ranch names were considered separately. Therefore, an individual might not be listed in the top five because he or she owned horses in different partnerships.)
The Broodmare of the Year selection criterion was based on her foals’ current year graded-stakes performances, money earned and number of foals participating in 2004.
A group of 25 people comprising racing media, racing officials and racing committee members served on the voting body for the AQHA Racing Champions. Final votes after run-offs are listed in parenthesis.

Canadian Champion – A Special Martini (24)
Breeder: Buckey A. Stockwell Owner: Donald and Peggy Boyle
Trainer: R Brigden/J Harris/G Hopkins Jockey: J Conklin/R Cunningham/C Hebert/F Nollar
Sire: Special Leader Dam: Chica Martini
2004 Record: 9-5(3)-2(1)-1(0) Earnings: $54,556

Champion Broodmare of the Year – Fitting Celebration (15)
Breeder: John R. Shaw Jr. Owner: Bobby D. Cox
Sire: Ronas Ryon Dam: Dream Duck
Foal(s): Earnings: Brimmerton $467,049; Gone Celebrating $23,604

Champion Distance Horse – Run And Pray (17)
Breeder: Billy J. Bryson Owner: Bobby D. Cox
Trainer: John Buchanan Jockey: John Hamilton
Sire: Invisible Injun Dam: Pray (TB)
2004 Record: 5-2(2)-2(1)-0(0) Earnings: $75,961

Champion 2-Year-Old Colt/Champion 2-Year-Old – Ocean Runaway (20)
Breeder: Lucas Racing Inc. Owner: Muller Racing LLC
Trainer: Dennis Ekins Jockey: J Badilla/A Bautista/S Thompson
Sire: First Down Dash Dam: Runaway Wave
2004 Record: 10-5(3)-3(0)-0(0) Earnings: $1,158,104

Champion 2-Year-Old Filly – Hardly Hateful (15)
Breeder: Vessels Stallion Farm LLC Owner: Vessels Stallion Farm LLC
Trainer: Paul Jones Jockey: Cody Jensen/Saul Ramirez
Sire: Fishers Dash Dam: Hateful Hanna
2004 Record: 8-3(0)-3(2)-1(0) Earnings: $436,979

Champion 2-Year-Old Gelding – DM Shicago (25)
Breeder: Don Moler Owner: Don Moler and Fredda Draper
Trainer: Carl Draper Jockey: Juan Vazquez
Sire: Separatist Dam: Leading Sensation
2004 Record: 5-2(1)-1(0)-2(1) Earnings: $1,054,506

2-Year-Old Champion Voting
Ocean Runaway – (20)
Azoom – (4)
DM Shicago – (1)

Champion 3-Year-Old Colt – Brimmerton (25)
Breeder: Bobby D. Cox Owner: Bobby D. Cox
Trainer: M Joiner/J Buchanan Jockey: G R Carter/L Payne/J Vazquez
Sire: First Down Dash Dam: Fitting Celebration
2004 Record: 7-4(3)-2(0)-1(0) Earnings: $467,049

Champion 3-Year-Old Filly – Cash For Kas (24)
Breeder: Lucas Racing Inc. Owner: E.D. Calvert
Trainer: Paul Jones Jockey: H Cuevas/S Ramirez/R Sanchez
Sire: First Down Dash Dam: Fleur De Coup
2004 Record: 10-3(2)-3(2)-2(1) Earnings: $415,403

Champion 3-Year-Old Gelding/Champion 3-Year-Old – Be A Bono (23)
Breeder: Spencer L. Childers Owner: Spencer L. Childers
Trainer: Dan Francisco Jockey: A Bautista/G R Carter/R Sanchez
Sire: Bono Jazz Dam: Be Peacefull
2004 Record: 6-4(3)-2(1)-0(0) Earnings: $499,144

3-Year-Old Champion Voting
Be A Bono – (15)
Brimmerton – (10)

Champion Aged Stallion – Buccaneer Beach (25)
Breeder: Vessels Stallion Farm/Susan Hukari Owner: Jose G. Santos
Trainer: J Nunez/C Treece Jockey: A Bautista/C Bautista/H Cuevas
Sire: Splash Bac Dam: Ms Dash Fascination
2004 Record: 7-3(1)-1(1)-1(1) Earnings: $140,848

Champion Aged Mare/Champion Aged Horse – Mongoose Jet Eye (21)
Breeder: Tom McEwen Owner: Maria D. Angulo
Trainer: Concepcion Balderrama Jockey: A Bautista/H Cuevas/J Yoakum
Sire: Mr Eye Opener Dam: Mongoose Effort
2004 Record: 7-3(2)-1(0)-1(1) Earnings: $303,957

Champion Aged Gelding – Catchmeinyourdreams (19)
Breeder: Edward C. Allred Owner: Kirk M. Goodfellow
Trainer: Christopher O’Dell Jockey: Cody Jensen
Sire: Pritzi Dash Dam: Lizas Mystique
2004 Record: 5-2(2)-1(0)-1(1) Earnings: $208,493

Aged Champion Voting
Mongoose Jet Eye – (15)
SLM Snowman – (5)
Catchmeinyourdreams – (4)
Buccaneer Beach – (1)

World Champion Racing American Quarter Horse – Be A Bono (14)
Breeder: Spencer L. Childers Owner: Spencer L. Childers
Trainer: Dan Francisco Jockey: A Bautista/G R Carter/R Sanchez
Sire: Bono Jazz Dam: Be Peacefull
2004 Record: 6-4(3)-2(1)-0(0) Earnings: $499,144

World Champion Voting
Be A Bono – (14)
Ocean Runaway – (11)

Champion Owner – Bobby D. Cox (20)
2004 Record: 134-28(6)-17(2)-15(3)
2004 Earnings: $967,994

Champion Breeder – Lucas Racing Inc. (22)
2004 Record: 123-23(9)-22(4)-10(1)
2004 Earnings: $1,859,179

Champion Trainer – Paul C. Jones (21)
2004 Record: 1,375-283(34)-234(38)-210(43)
2004 Earnings: $5,315,210

Champion Jockey – G.R. Carter Jr. (17)
2004 Record: 794-169(19)-125(18)-97(9)
2004 Earnings: $3,494,051

On January 25 the announcements will air on ESPN2’s “Wire to Wire” and January 29 on ESPN at 4:30 a.m. CST. The announcements will also be featured February 21 at 4:30 p.m. CST and February 28 at 4 p.m. CST on “America’s Horse” on Outdoor Life Network.
For more information about American Quarter Horse racing, the 2004 AQHA Racing Champions, the Champions Selection process or final voting numbers, call the AQHA Racing Department at 806-376-4811 or visit