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AQHA Racing Committee, Council approved changes for 2005

January 1, 2005     E-mail this page to a friend!

Amarillo, Texas, December 22 – The American Quarter Horse Association Racing Committee and Council met November 5 in conjunction with the 2004 MBNA® America Challenge Championships and made the following changes to the selection process and voting procedure for AQHA Racing Champions.

The committee voted to approve a procedure that will be used to create champions selection ballots. A horse will be added to the ballot in its specific category if it meets one or more of the following requirements for the year:
1) Earns a Grade 1 open stakes win
2) Ranks among top year-end money earners as described below in each sex and age category:
· Top-10 two-year-old colt
· Top-10 two-year-old filly
· Top-10 two-year-old gelding
· Top-6 three-year-old stallion
· Top-6 three-year-old mare
· Top-6 three-year-old gelding
· Top-5 aged stallion
· Top-5 aged mare
· Top-5 aged gelding
· Top-5 distance horse
3) Any other horse nominated by a member of the racing committee

Next, the committee voted to approve that a mare will be placed on the ballot for Broodmare of the Year if one of her foals finished among the top five in any voting category or has more than one open or restricted graded stakes performer (1st, 2nd or 3rd place) in that current year.

Next, after horses are selected to appear on the ballot, world champion and division champions will be determined by written vote of a champion selection committee approved by the racing council consisting of:
1) Ten geographically diverse Racing Committee members elected by the Racing Committee with no more than two members residing in the same state or province.
2) Nine at-large geographically diverse AQHA members (who may or may not be Racing Committee members) appointed by the Racing Council with no more than two members residing in the same state or province.
3) Three geographically diverse media representatives appointed by the Racing Council annually. No more than one of these members may be from the same state or province.
4) Three geographically diverse racing officials appointed by the Racing Council annually. No more than one of these members may be from the same state or province.

As approved by the racing council and committee, the voting procedure for world and divisional champions will be as follows: Voters will be instructed to vote for only one horse in each category. The horse receiving the majority of votes cast will be named the winner of the category. If no horse wins a majority of votes, run-off elections will be held until one horse
receives a majority of votes cast. In the case of a tie in any category, the racing council will be responsible for breaking the tie between the two final horses for a majority.

The AQHA Racing Council approved the following people to serve as members of the Champions Selection voting body:
Ten Racing Committee Members Elected by the Racing Committee (Term lengths shown)
Duayne Didericksen (04-05-06)
Russell Harris (04-04-05)
Brad Tate (04-04-05)
Leverne Perry (05-06)
Blane Schvaneveldt (04-05)
Floyd E. “Butch” Wise (04-05)
Henry Brown (04)
John Hammes (04)
Dick Monahan (04)
Phillip Stewart (04)

Nine AQHA Members Appointed by the Racing Council (Term lengths shown)
Robert Nunnally (04-05-06)
Dan Lucas (04-05-06)
Mike Abraham (04-05-06)
Jack Peters (04-05)
Buddy Newsome (04-05)
Jerry Windham (04-05)
Chad Hart (04)
Dick Harrison (04)
Steve Anderson (04)

Media Representatives Appointed by the Racing Council (One-year term length for all)
Ben Hudson
Ty Wyant
Dave Weaver

Racing Officials (One-year term length for all)
Tom Davis
Neal Mullarky
Trent McIntosh

The 2004 Racing Champions will be announced January 19, 2005 at 6 p.m. CST at the Embassy Suites hotel in Oklahoma City. The announcement can also be seen live on TVG.