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Montana Board in upheaval

March 16, 2012     E-mail this page to a friend!

The shakeup in the Montana Board of Horse Racing continues.

The restructuring began in December when an "advisory committee" appointed by Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer suspended and then dismissed the Board's executive secretary, Ryan Sherman.

The three-person committee's members are Christian Mackay (executive officer, Montana Department of Livestock), Dore Schwinden (Director, Montana Department of Commerce), and Cliff Larsen (D-Missoula). Mackay is acting executive secretary.

Schweitzer appointed three new members to the Board last week:
* Dale Mahlum of Missoula, a Thoroughbred breeder from Missoula
* Allen Fisher of Ashland, economic development coordinator for the Northern Cheyenne Tribal Housing Authority
* John Hayes of Great Falls, director of the Cascade County Tavern Association

The three new Board members replace Mike Tatsey and Cody Drew, whose terms expired, and Chairman Al Carruthers, who passed away in January. Mahlum has been appointed to take Carruthers seat.

Additionally, Board member Ray Tracy was asked by Larsen to resign from the Board last week. Tracy reluctantly submitted his resignation, which has not yet been acted upon.