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Eastern Montana tracks up to the challenge

January 17, 2012     E-mail this page to a friend!

The racing dates are set for Montana's 2012 live racing season, but penciling them in on a calendar doesn't mean racing fans and horsemen will see all 21 days of racing. Montana racing remains a longshot, but we all know that longshots come in all the time.

The two eastern Montana tracks, in Miles City and Billings, both plan to race despite the turmoil at the Montana Board of Horse Racing (MBoHR) in Helena.

The MBoHR granted Bucking Horse Sale Racing in Miles City three days of live racing—from May 13 to May 20— and gave Yellowstone Downs in Billings its customary eight days of live racing—from August 25 to September 16.

"The World Famous Miles City Bucking Horse Sale event is seriously considering running this year dispite the problems with the Montana Board of Horse Racing," says Don Richard, Director of Racing. "We're planning a Quarter Horse Futurity and Derby and a Paint Horse Futurity. We have also applied for a John Deere Challange Race.

"The Bucking Horse Board of Directors wants to have horse racing during our event. We hope to have more definitive information for everybody by March 15."

In Billings, Director of Racing Ben Carlson also plans to use his dates. "I guess I've pretty much made the commitment that we're going to run," Ben Carlson told the Billings Gazette last week. "We'll run as many days as is economically possible."

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