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TRJ InPrint: Nothin' scary about the October issue, just news and nomination forms!

October 14, 2011     E-mail this page to a friend!

Parts of the October issue might be finding their way back into the mailbox soon after they arrive at subscribers' homes. That's because this month's issue not only features great photos and stories—some you might want to share with friends—but also because it includes eight nomination forms for big races "out West." (Call today to start your subscription—deadlines are approaching for some nominations!)

Features this month take readers around the circuit for race reports from across TRJ territory, including "the Downs" (Sweetwater in Wyoming, Yellowstone in Montana, and Emerald in Washington), Hastings Racecourse, Eastern Idaho State Fair, Canterbury Park, Elko County Fair, Los Alamitos, and Kallispell Racemeet. A special spotlight shines on Washington Cup action and Bank of America AQHA Racing Challenge Championship qualifiers.

Meet a young female jockey, Elizka Kubinova, launching her career at Emerald Downs, and a returning veteran, Billy Ives, reestablishing himself on a competitive race circuit.

And, as always, get the latest news delivered in a concise and comprehensive format, with links to further detail for those who want it.

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