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National Barrel Horse Association strongly opposes Gretna’s Florida parimutuel barrel racing application

October 12, 2011     E-mail this page to a friend!

NBHA Southeastern Director Paul Stanley: “There is no place for betting where there are children competing.”

Story by Stephen Fisch, DVM, AVS Equine Hospital, Tallahassee, Florida

The National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA), the largest barrel racing organization in the world with over 24,000 members and affiliates in 12 different countries, has officially declared its opposition to an attempt by a northern Florida Quarter Horse pari-mutuel permitholder to allow wagering on barrel racing in lieu of Quarter Horses.

The Florida Barrel Horse Association has also registered its opposition to the scheme.

Note: For more information about the Gretna Racing application, go to .

“We have provided the people of Florida a place to compete and win money and prizes for years without the benefit of betting,” NBHA Southeastern Director Paul Stanley wrote in an October 12, 2011 letter to Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation Secretary Ken Lawson. “The NBHA promotes a family atmosphere at these events and feels there is no place for betting where there are children competing.”

The NBHA estimates that a majority of its competing members are under 18.

In his letter, Director Stanley specifically emphasized that the NBHA supports the Florida Quarter Horse Racing Association in representing Florida’s horsemen in any horse racing concerns in Florida.