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Los Alamitos hosts second annual Jockey Card autograph session

September 24, 2011     E-mail this page to a friend!

(photo by Ginny Harding)
Fans can meet jockeys Kip Diderickson, Cody Jensen, Danny Cardoza, and Ramon Sanchez Friday night, September 30, when they are on hand to autograph fine art jockey cards. Proceeds from the event benefit injured Quarter Horse riders.

Ginny Haring, a renowned horsewoman and artist, a past AQHA Millie Vessels Special Achievement Award winner, and president of the Northern Racing Quarter Horse Association, creates the original artwork for her series of jockey cards.

Ginny explains her project: "The cards, first introduced in 2009, have been created in honor of all Quarter Horse riders to enable them to help out their fellow riders who’ve been injured in their line of work. All proceeds from the sale of the cards go directly to injured riders.

"The suggested donation for a series of three is $10.00, or $4.00 for a single card. And if you’ve missed the first two series, they’re still available while supply lasts (there are only 1000 cards printed of each image). The entire collection of all three series so far (nine riders), including Series 1 (2009), Cody Jensen, G.R. Carter, and Jerry (Nic) Nicodemus; Series 2 (2010), Danny Cardoza, Sam Thompson, and Ramon Sanchez, and Series 3 (2011); Jacky Martin, Kenny Hart, and Kip Didericksen, can be purchased for a donation of only $30.00.

"Don’t see your favorite Quarter Horse rider? I will create a new series of three each year. Don’t miss any of them! The only way to collect the entire set is through these autograph sessions or from my website at "