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Jockey Hoonan injured in spill

December 6, 2004     E-mail this page to a friend!

by Patrick Kerrison

Portland, OR - Leading rider Debbie Hoonan was injured in a spill Friday evening, December 3, when her mount T K Owe stumbled near the five-sixteenths pole. After breaking poorly and bumping at the start, Hoonan was set near the back of the pack when her horse went down, unseating her. After an initial observation from the track paramedic, she was immediately taken to Legacy Emmanuel Hospital.

Preliminary reports noted that she has an open compound fracture of her clavicle bone and two broken ribs. According to emergency room doctors at Legacy Emmanuel, they stated that
surgery at this point would be premature. Any attempts to reset the bones, add pins or plates would immediately leave her open for infection and therefore advised against it.

It is expected that Hoonan will have to allow the injury to heal itself then reassess the potential need for surgery at a later date.

"There wasn't any warning before we went down," Hoonan said. "We were bumped a bit at the start but when we hit the turn, he didn't bobble or anything. He just seemed to disappear from under me."

Hoonan, when thrown, doesn't recall how she landed and noted she'd have to see the replay first. "I do know I hit [the ground] hard, real hard. It was the hardest I've ever gone down," she continued.

Doctors hinted she could be released as early as Saturday although they are not ruling out keeping her for observation an additional day. Hoonan leads all Portland Meadows riders with 29 wins in 140 starts (21%) and has finished in the money a total of 78 times (56%). She also has three quarter horse wins to her credit in 13 starts.