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Texas drought hits horse owners: use the Hay Hotline to find or provide forage

August 10, 2011     E-mail this page to a friend!

Texas residents are battling extreme drought conditions, and horse owners are trying to get hay to feed their animals.

Larry A. Redmon Ph.D., State Extension Forage Specialist, explained that Texas horse owners have some outlets available for assistance in finding forage: "The Texas Department of Agriculture keeps a Hay Hotline open, which is an exchange for buyers, sellers, and donors of hay. We also keep dozens of publications on drought management (which are available online)."

The Texas Department of Agriculture Hay and Grazing Hotline is a service to the agricultural industry to help in locate forage and hay supplies. TDA in no way warrants or guarantees the quality or availability of hay or pastures for leases that are offered by individual suppliers. The listings include individuals and businesses who have contacted TDA indicating that they have hay for sale or pasture for lease.

Here are some of the links at the site (,1987,1848_5410_0_0,00.html?channelId=5410):
- List Hay For Sale
- Search for Hay to Purchase
- Hay Transporters List
- Beware of Hay Scams
- Drought/Disaster Links
- Pasture Listings
- Transportation Waivers/Information