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TRJ InPrint: August issue covers great July action, and more!

August 2, 2011     E-mail this page to a friend!

The August cover features an announcer's-booth view of Les Bois Park's grand reopening on July 2. The cover story recaps the day and provides a review of stakes action from the Boise oval.

The region is vibrant with race action, and we bring you exclusive photos and coverage from Sunflower Downs in Princeton, B.C. and Hastings Racecourse in Vancouver, as well as from Sandy Downs, Rupert Downs, Chippewa Downs, Arapahoe Park, and the Crooked River Roundup, in addition to the Les Bois coverage. Field reporters provide recaps from Los Alamitos, RMTC, Assiniboia Downs, and Emerald Downs. Frank Silow offers special coverage of Grants Pass Downs, and Ryan Roshau puts a spotlight on family connections in North Dakota.

Learn about the latest developments in stories we've featured in past issues, like Sophia Mangalee's Mongol Derby adventure, and the debut of a budding star named after an Olympic gold medalist. And find news about upcoming meets, new tax incentives, and Breeders' Cup plans, as well as a page of briefer news items, that keeps you informed about changing events.

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