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Beckner OK after spill at Portland Meadows

November 29, 2004     E-mail this page to a friend!

by Patrick Kerrison
In Monday’s seventh race at Portland Meadows, Jonathan Nance’s Kenny C stumbled at the break out of the seven hole, unseating the rider Twyla Beckner.

“When we broke we broke straight down” said Beckner after the race. “I flipped head over heels and landed on my right hip.”

“When I hit the ground I hit it hard and it really knocked the wind out of me” she continued. “That ground comes up on you pretty fast. Thank God for safety vests.”

Immediately after unseating Beckner, Kenny C broke to the outside fence, completely unaffecting the performance of the remaining nine entrants.

Beckner took off her remaining two mounts for the day. Entering the 21st day of the meet she has 11 winners in 82 starts (13%) with an ITM percentage of 32%.