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New Les Bois Park management team targets July 2 for return of live racing

May 4, 2011     E-mail this page to a friend!

The licenses aren't yet secured, and the dates aren't yet submitted, but Treasure Valley Racing is busy with their pencils and calendars. You have to start somewhere.

According to Scott Sherwood, who is charged with readying everything for opening, several important dates are already pencilled in:

May 7: first day trainers can get to their barns
May 15: first day for horses
May 16: stall applications out
June 1: stall applications due back
June 1: first condition book
June 1: opening day of simulcasting
July 2: opening day of live racing

Between now and July 2, the track will have to be resurfaced. "We sent off core samples for evaluation," says Sherwood, "and the experts determined that the track is in good enough shape for training, but not for racing. So we can have horses on the track now, but then we'll have to close the track for two or three days near the beginning of June for resurfacing."

Aside from the track itself, there is a mountain of things to do. "There is more to to be fixed than we were prepared for," says Sherwood. For example, all of the cabling is either deteriorated or missing.

"We'll have to run new cable through this entire facility, including from the backstretch tower and the race offices on the backside. We didn't know about that until we got in here."

Despite the overwhelming amount of work remaining to be completed, Sherwood says the mood is upbeat. "We're getting the old band back together!"

"The band" includes Roger White, who is busy evaluating the barn area for potential problems, and Ron Andreoli, who is responsible for setting up the Turf Club and Clubhouse simulcasting, pretty much from scratch.

"You'll see more familiar faces around here once we get closer to opening," says Sherwood.

In the meantime, if you're interested in working at Les Bois Park, especially if you're one of those familiar faces, contact the new team at