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Plans for Les Bois Park coming slowly into focus

April 14, 2011     E-mail this page to a friend!

At the Idaho State Racing Commission meeting on April 14, Joie McGarvin, speaking for Treasure Valley Racing LLC, outlined the company's plans for returning racing to Les Bois Park in Boise, Idaho.

"Keep in mind we've only been in there for four days," McGarvin began, "but the lease is signed, and we'll be in there through September 30, 2016.

"We anticpate opening the Turf Club and Clubhouse for simulcasting wtihin 45 to 60 days and we anticpate live racing within 75 to 120 days."

Why the large windows? "There is work to do in every corner of the facility," McGarvin concluded.

The work involves resurfacing the six-furlong track, according to Mark Buckley, president of the Idaho HBPA. "We don't yet have a timeline for opening the track for training."