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Horsemen join forces to support Treasure Valley Racing

March 30, 2011     E-mail this page to a friend!

The Idaho HBPA, Idaho Quarter Horse Association, Intermountain Horseracing Association, and Intermountain Racing & Entertainment, the parent company behind IdaRacing at Sandy Downs and, have all thrown their support behind a letter-writing campaign to reinforce the importance of racing to the state of Idaho.

Letters to the Ada County Commissioners Vern Bisterfeldt, Rick Yzaguirre, and Sharon Ullman also identify Treasure Valley Racing, LLC, as worthy lessees of Les Bois Park.

The text of the letter is shown below. The letter can also be downloaded at Idaho horsemen urge anybody with any interest in Idaho racing to download the letter, sign it, and send it to the Ada County Commissioners. Please also write your name and address on the letter.

Ada County Board of Commissioners
     Commissioner Rick Yzaguirre
     Commissioner Sharon M. Ullman
     Commissioner Vernon L. Bisterfeldt
200 W. Front Street, 3rd Floor
Boise, Idaho 83702

RE: Support of Treasure Valley Racing, LLC

Dear Board of Commissioners:

I would like to express my support of the proposed lessee of Les Bois Park, Treasure Valley Racing, LLC (partners The Greene Group and Larry Williams, Harry Bettis, Linda Yanke, and Jim Grigsby).

The positive economic impact of Les Bois Park returning to operation is significant. Approximately 200-250 part time and full time jobs will be automatically created. Additionally, new revenue opportunities in the agriculture and hospitality service related sectors will be created and positively impacted. The additional revenue will create new taxable revenue for Ada County and the surrounding communities.

The operation of Les Bois Park also will have a positive economic impact on the struggling smaller race tracks that are located throughout the State of Idaho.

I believe that Treasure Valley Racing, LLC, is the group that will help guide horse racing in Idaho to its greatest potential and to help restore Les Bois Park to a “first class” racing facility. This group is well organized, well capitalized, and completely committed to a long term investment in the horse racing industry in the State of Idaho.

I urge you to accept the Treasure Valley Racing, LLC, as the lessee of Les Bois Park, contributing to the restoration of horse racing in Boise and the economic success of the Treasure Valley and the State of Idaho.