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Ada County Commissioners reject bid for Les Bois Park

March 16, 2011     E-mail this page to a friend!

The Ada County Commission took its advisory board's advice and rejected the bid for Les Bois Park submitted by Treasure Valley Racing, LLC, this morning.

At the weekly open Commissioners meeting, Bob Bautista, director of Expo Idaho (where Les Bois Park is located), gave an overview of the reasons the advisory board voted unanimously to recommend rejection. Bautista named five categories in which the Treasure Valley Racing bid failed to meet "minimum standards."

1. annual lease dollar amount
2. disposition of "excess" handle
3. contract length (specifically noting that the bid called for a more-than-five-year contract)
4. landscaping contract
5. deposit for cash bond

Bautista failed to specify exactly what the advisory board was looking for in any of the five categories, leaving the public to guess that the board determined that Treasure Valley Racing simply didn't offer enough cold, hard cash in all but the "contract length" category, the only one that didn't directly involve money.

Ada County Commissioner Rick Yzaguirre said that he hopes that representatives from Treasure Valley Racing and Expo Idaho will meet within the week to try to iron out the differences between TVR's bid and Expo Idaho's expectations. New Commissioner Vern Bisterfeldt added that he also would like the parties to negotiate.