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Les Bois Park attracts bid

March 8, 2011     E-mail this page to a friend!

The search for a new leaseholder and operator for Les Bois Park in Boise, Idaho, turned up a single, formidable bidder at this morning's Ada County Commission meeting. Treasure Valley Racing, LLC, a partnership between Idaho horsemen and The Greene Group, who operates a simulcast facility in Post Falls, Idaho, submitted the only bid received by the Commission before the March 7 deadline.

Russell Westerberg, representing The Greene Group, identified the other half of the partnership as longtime Idaho horsemen Harry Bettis, Larry Williams, and Jim Grigsby.

"We have a proposal and we have the security check for $10,000," said Commissioner Rick Yzaguirre as he examined the contents of the envelope, " . . . so we have a bid." Commissioner Sharon Ullman stated that the Commission would take approximately two weeks to review the bid.

"This all seems so promising," said Cindy Woodington, horsewoman and Idaho Thoroughbred Association board member. "I think maybe it's time to bring the horses in from pasture!"